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 Here at CRUZN COZY we thrive for diversity and exclusivity; but we would like to take the time to shine light on the reality of the inequality and the unjust treatment of black people in America. During a global pandemic, many lives have been taken due to police brutality and racism. This is a personal issue given that the founder and team at CRUZN COZY are majority black. Although the black community has come a long way from voting, to education rights; our work is never done. Due to the recent tragedies surrounding losing innocent lives, we have made so little progress compared to were we need to be. All that we ask is to be treated fairly and ask that we are valued like our lives matter. Down below will be links were you can give in support of this movement. Thank you!




Born December 26, in Washington, DC, Ariyon Wells is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and the C.E.O. of CRUZN COZY. CRUZN COZY is a faith-based American luxury streetwear brand where two worlds collide, forecasting progressive change in social and economic structures using cryptocurrency, gold, and fashion. In 2019, CRUZN COZY has integrated gold/ blockchain usage into the realm of fashion. All forms of cryptocurrency are excepted as forms of payment for purchasing items online. Coming in 2020, CRUZN COZY is expanding overseas to London/Italy, with exciting collaborative business ventures. As wells as product development expansion with other fashion companies and influencers.


The idea of CRUZN COZY is simply one of a kind. CRUZN COZY is a faith-based clothing line that offers you more than apparel. Each flower petal in the logos artwork for CRUZN COZY represents a specific part of Ariyon. Strength, peace, Christian moralities, and 3 of the 7 chakras. In creating CRUZN COZY, Ariyon wanted to break fashion barriers for young believers, amongst other barriers within social and economic groups. "As you explore the brand, and witness the evolution of CRUZN COZY, I hope you feel the energy and every emotion put into every detail, and design that you wear. Thank you for supporting CRUZN COZY and being a part of passion, positivism, progression and prosperity". ~ Ariyon Wells










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